Sometimes we find ourselves in difficult places.

But you can find your way again.

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Psychotherapy can be helpful, whether you have a diagnosed "mental illness" or not. Like other forms of therapy, it is intended to help you recover and enhance your own capabilities and strengths after a setback or injury, or to enhance your performance in light of a new or upcoming challenge.


It is easy and common to get caught up in emotions, especially when faced with a challenge or setback. While emotions are natural and can be useful, they sometimes interfere with our ability to see the whole picture and become part of the problem.

Mindfulness is fundamental to beginning the therapeutic process and effecting change.

What is mindfulness?


A common first reaction to difficult situations is to resist and "fight back", or maybe even deny the reality of the situation.

Acceptance is a critical first step to change.

What is acceptance?


The end goals of mindfulness and acceptance are action. But action requires direction. Which way should you go?

Action depends on your values and requires your committment.

My goal is to help you clarify your values through cultivating mindfulness and acceptance so you can commit to and make progress in achieving the changes you seek in your life.

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Sessions are typically 50 minutes long and occur weekly on weekdays, weekday evenings, or on Saturdays.

During your initial session, we will spend some time getting to know each other, explore the motivating events and factors for your seeking therapy, address any questions or concerns you may have about the therapeutic process, and discuss policies and procedures for payment for services, cancelling or rescheduling sessions, etc.


All sessions are currently conducted online or via phone.

Payment for Services

If I am in your insurance plan's network*, I can submit your claims for you, saving you the hassle.

If your plan has a copay requirement, it is asked that you pay your copayment at the time of your visit, via cash or check. Credit cards are not accepted.

If I am not in your insurance plan's network, or you do not have insurance coverage, your payments can be made via cash or check at the time of the session, or on a mutually agreed upon schedule (for example, monthly).

* Current networks include:Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna

Other Services

Clinical Consultation and Supervision

I have provided clinical consultation and supervision to social workers who are working towards clinical licensure in the State of Illinois in instances where their workplace does not have a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) on staff.

Academic and Professional Writing

For 10+ years, I worked as a writing coach at The University of Chicago's School of Social Service Administration (SSA), assisting students with disabilities, students for whom English is a second language, and students simply struggling to meet the demanding requirements of professional training. I have also assisted doctoral students finalizing dissertations and faculty members writing for professional publications. While I am no longer on staff at SSA, I am still available to work with students, professors, and professionals on a free-lance basis.

Classes and Presentations

Due to my long-standing affiliation with The University of Chicago's School of Social Service Administration, I have had the honor of occasionally filling in for professors on temporary leave of absence and of guest-lecturing on the application of mindfulness in clinical practice.